Bertamasya Ke Alam Ide

Ucapan Duka Dari Prof. JM Otto, Institute van Vollenhoven, Nederland 2/9/2013

Dear Sulis, dear Manunggal,

Thank you for informing us about Bapak Soetandyo’s passing away. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, also on behalf of all colleagues at the Van Vollenhoven Institute. I have known him for more than 25 years and I am grateful that we have met many times both in Indonesia and in Leiden.  It was Daniel Lev who introduced us.  I have always been deeply impressed by Pak Tandyo. He embodied so many positive human capacities: his warm friendliness, his relentless idealism, his sharp mind,  his continuous commitment, his engagement with others irrespective of age or social position, his gentle piousness, the broadness of his concern with justice.  The social-legal community in Indonesia has lost one of its great pioneers.

We will all miss him dearly, but more than that we will remember him as a wonderful  human being, and we remain inspired by him and his work.

May he rest in peace.

With warm regards,

Jan Michiel Otto


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